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About Brenée

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Hello and welcome to my website!


My name is Shalon Brenée Maxile, I am a mother, a wife, a new "Gigi", and an active member in my community.  I have been baking for over 30+ years.  Initially, I started baking to help pay my rent and make ends meet when I was a young, single mother of one and then two sons.  Then life happened.....I met a wonderful guy, we got married and BOOM.....I had twins.  During a volunteer activity at our local high school, a friend encouraged me to rekindle my passion for baking.  I needed a side hustle to start saving for my 2 daughters that would be going to college amongst so many other things.  So, I started back baking for family and friends.  The word got out and here we are!!!  Fast forward, my girls are now seniors in college and I have officially moved my little side hustle into a business....FINALLY. 


I LOVE TO BAKE.  Being in the kitchen reminds me of all the time I spent with my grandmothers in their kitchens.  My Grandmother (Ma Bit) taught me how to bake.  She was so much fun and we would always have a good time in the kitchen.  When I bake, I love to listen to Fantasia Burrino (The 3rd American Idol winner from High Point, NC).  When me and 'Tasia get in the kitchen, you know it's gonna be good!! 😋  'Tasia helps me bake LOTS of L❤️ve into all of my bundt cakes.

Currently, I work full-time in Corporate America.  I bake in the evenings and on weekends at my home.  It has always been a dream of mine to open up my own bakery with a card shop inside.   I'm moving forward with my dream and I hope to have a store front soon.  I have several loyal and repeat customers and I am SO thankful for them.  I hope that you will also become a customer.  Thank you so much for visiting and for your support of my small business.

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